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Leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized

Boosting working efficiency

Made from natural ingredients

1 pack 590 baht

2 packs 550 baht, free EMS charge

3 packs 1,500 baht free membership card

  • Vitamin C - brightens skin and lighten scars
  • Vitamin E- rich in antioxidants, reduces acne scars and pimple marks, fade dark spots and tighten skin
  • Glutathione - brightens and whiten skin, eliminate toxic load, boost immune system
  • Grape seed extract- reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, inhibit the occurrence of melasma and freckles
  • Collagen Tripeptide- acts as an inducer of skin regeneration and nourishment, get a younger and glowing skin that you will look like a princess
  • L-Cysteine- promotes growth and improve the appearance of hair and nails
  • Raspberry- rich in vitamins, rejuvenates skin and improves skin health, helps skin retain moisture and protect itself from environmental influences, promote smooth, soft and brightening skin
  • L-Glutamine- reduces fatigue, stimulate Growth Hormone, improves brain function
  • Pine Bark Extract- promotes brightening skin and protects it from melasma
  • Acerola Cherry- rice in minerals, premium skin essence, reduces fine lines and wrinkles on skin surface, promotes smooth skin
  • Spirulina- provides complete proteins and is rich in vitamin B, promotes digestive system and help pass waste with greater ease, inhibits allergic reactions
  • Laminaria – helps reduce the amount of fat, controls body weight and stimulates Stem Cell.

Tear, put underneath the tongue, keep in the mouth for a short while

Tasty, easy to eat as it is small molecule Collagen Peptide that is 3 times better absorbed than other collagens.

Natural ingredients

Product has natural ingredients, safe and no side effect

Has very good efficacy

Good quality, gets favorable response from real users

Attentive customer service

Provide good customer service to all types of customers equally

If interested, please call 081-496-0501,087-815-4755